The Brand

A feminine closet, decidedly functional, free of the seasons. Thought and inscribed through an approach to a style and way of consumption more sustainable, and reasoned.
Desires, wishes, expectations, hopes, certainties, awareness, a will.

A will

The one with the essential, by proposing a wardrobe for «common» clothes, imprinted with a touch of femininity and functionality.
For a woman freed, in search of refined style, practice and beauty. Like essential and timeless basics, more than fashion, a style.
Compose a closet in its daily and fundamental dimension. A clothing that will become singular to everyone, in its way of appropriating it.

The one with a reasoned and enlightened consumption. Reconnect the relationship between the one who draws the garment, the one who shapes it, and the one who wears it.
Replace the clothing as it is, enhance its manufacturing process. A closeness, and a respect for the value of the work of manufacture, of the craftsmen, artisans who participate.
Consider the life cycle of the clothing, and its durability over time. Place these values ​​of trust and integrity at the heart of the creation of our collection.

The one with a short and assure circuit, a desire to reduce the middleman, and consequently the margins, in order to offer quality parts at reasonable prices.
We are going to a shortened model. We believe in an enlightened consciousness of consumption, the idea of ​​consuming better and less, preserving our environment,
reducing transport distances, wasting and renewing collections. Our standard is based on a more responsible, timeless, respectful and slow mode.

Our positioning as a direct to consumer brand shows a real desire to reduce middleman and as a result, margins.
It is a choice and a priority: to offer a fair price while proposing style and aesthetic.
We want to optimize the price/quality ratio by keeping track of the different stages of the process: from design to distribution.

AL is an independent project led by Emilie Vincent and Aurélie Lecuyer.

AL is above all a common way of thinking, a mutual will, a strong desire, to tell a story, to draw an integral approach, to create simple and feminine clothes.
It is a collective project, the one of two young women, who met each other on the fashion school benchs more than 15 years ago, and bound by this common passion.
Two different careers, but two complementaries profiles today.